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About Tranquil Web Solutions

Tranquil Web Solutions involved in creating custome based business solutions for most of the business needs. We understand that developing, hosting and creating a web niche for you is a personal and important task and we make sure that we put in every single technique up your sleeves to make sure you are satisfied each time. Our list of clients include several key market players, which is a testimony to our commitment and dedication to making your page something to remember. Once you work with us, there is very little you need to worry about, because our management and team professionals are constantly at your beck and call, putting up the right mechanism to keep your website alive and kicking.

Narendra Babu (Founder)

Masters in Business Administration, Narendra has found Tranquil Web Solutions in the 2013. With over 12 years of experience in the IT- Sales, Technology, ERP, CRM he brings on board his unique vision, expansion, management practices and global approach to the function, diversification and management of the organisation. An Entrepreneur from an early age, Tranquil Web Solutions's innovational services counterpane accross assorted industries such as Realestate, Events Management, Retail Industry, E-commerce, Interiors, Raw Materials, Pharma etc. He has an ameliorate experience in delimitating the procedures and executing advance techniques in ERP to stream line an organizational processes.

Our Process

Here are Six working steps

1. Web Strategy

We do analysis, interpret & analyze the client necessary, then we create a suitable strategy in responsive website designing.

2. Planning

Using all the knowledge we accumulate in strategy building the stage, it’s time to sketch out for site structure.

3. Designing

Creating wireframes, design concepts, and identifying the right images based on the planning created.

Tranquil SEO

4. Website Development

Convert wireframes and design concepts to Visual design to responsive and necessary integrations, forms, social.

5. Website Deploy

We do a Usability test, responsive test, verification of forms, design quality check, and final approval subsequently.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance of a website demands your time and attention at regular intervals else; your spent money is no use.

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About Tranquil Web Solutions
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