Tranquil ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is commonly a kind of software that brings out the administration, planning, and optimization of business processes. A successful functioning of any business organization depends on the nature of ERP employed by it. This is so because the ERP will be required in carrying out a number of major methods that are part of daily business activities.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management modules of Global ERP have immense features, that boost our sales performance by establishing strong & customer satisfied relationships.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) has become a standard component of most ERP packages. In general, BI tools allow users to share and analyze the data collected across the enterprise.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management ERP modules should enhance the employee experience from initial recruitment to time tracking and it can include performance management, compensation and workforce planning.

Event Management System Module

Event management system modules of Global ERP deal with management or organize events like conferences and seminars. EMS allows you to facilitate your clients, customer or stakeholders.

Business Integration

Key to the value of an ERP package is the integration between modules, so that all of the core business functions are connected and information should flow across the organization.

Inventory Control System

The Global ERP System provides the complete suite of inventory system. It also includes the tracking to stock present in your backend system. It includes the tracks of all goods present in your stock.

Advantages of using ERP

In the circumstance of not using an ERP system in your organization, you are expected to face a wide range of issues.

For example, you may be have using different software running every department in the organization and though, surprisingly not interfacing together.

And often, you are possible to come across tasks that require interfacing than not.

Situations like these can function better especially when an ERP comes to the rescue.